Temperatures and Measurements 

Temperatures and measurements on this blog are all Australian standard.

Here is a quick guide for some of the major measurements. Remember you can always Google temperatures and ml to oz or grams to pounds etc and it will run the conversion for you.

Measurements: http://alldownunder.com/australian-convert/measurement-chart.htm

In general you can convert anything at 180ºc to 350ºf and anything at 200ºc to 395ºf.

Temperatures: http://www.metric-conversions.org/temperature/celsius-to-fahrenheit.htm


Another trick for new players is that the tablespoon (or Tbls) is NOT the same as the large spoons in your standard cutlery set. Those are dessert spoons and almost half the size of a true tablespoon – real measuring spoons are cheap and invaluable tools! I and most other cooks will specify if that is what we mean. An Australian tablespoon is 20 ml while a dessert spoon is only 10 ml.

A British or New Zealand standard tablespoon is 15 ml (still bigger than the things in your cutlery set). This often throws kiwis because a lot of packaged foods in NZ (like Ogram Egg Replacer for example) and even imported cook books will have Aussie instructions which assume a 20 ml not a 15 ml Tbl. Make sure you add an extra tsp (5 ml) or use 2 dessert spoons (10 ml) for each Tbl. Mine are always Aussie standard 20 ml Tbls but just using a heaped tablespoon will cover it unless it is baking.

An American Tbl is also 16 ml – for this reason I keep an NZ set of measuring spoons around for use in American recipes as well as old kiwi ones.

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